"The best repair, is the sign of no repair at all" -Ravi S. Ramjit, Founder




Collision Services

European Collision Center understands that the performance of your vehicle is not something that should be compromised. Not only is it a major investment, but you depend on your vehicle to drive safely and efficiently.

It is your choice, not the insurance company’s, where you take your car after a collision. So bring it to a shop that respects the value of your vehicle.

We do not cut corners during the repair process of your vehicle and the professionals at European Collision Center will work with your insurance provider to make sure your vehicle is repaired to pre-accident condition.

Manufacturers have spent millions developing safer, more efficient, and better performing vehicles. When these advanced features are damaged they require specialized repair techniques to fix. Our technicians are equipped with the training and tools needed to repair every make and model.

It is our philosophy that when your vehicle leaves our shop it will drive and look just as it did prior to the collision. The safety features and value of your vehicle should not be forfeited just because of an accident.

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If you are looking for the highest quality collision repair services available, call European Collision Center in South Florida at 305.661.2939 or contact us for a free estimate of your vehicle.

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