"The best repair, is the sign of no repair at all" -Ravi S. Ramjit, Founder




4-Wheel Alignment Services & Wheel Repair

We perform alignment and mount and balance services on all makes and models. ​

State-of-the-art 4-Wheel Alignment

​ Our 4-Wheel Alignment computerized technology allows us to measure the camber, cast and toe. The technician will then adjust those angles (when applicable) to match vehicle manufacturer specifications, ensuring a smooth ride, even tire wear and efficient fuel economy. A front end alignment and rear end alignment will be completed during a 4-wheel alignment service. During every alignments we will also check the tire air pressure and road test the vehicle to ensure that it is running at maximum performance. ​

Mount and Balance

​ At European Collision Center we also offer wheel balancing. Unlike a wheel alignment, which corrects misaligned angles and keeps your car from veering to one side or another, wheel balancing corrects any uneven distribution of weight in the wheels (which can lead to vibration, excessive tire wear, damage to suspension and other problems). During a wheel balancing service, technicians mount steel weights to the inside or outside of wheels to balance the wheel assembly If you are looking for the highest quality collision repair services available, call European Collision Center in South Florida at 305.661.2939 or contact us for a free estimate of your vehicle.

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